weddingharmony (weddingharmony) wrote,

A walk done memory lane....

We really enjoyed performing with Andy Lau over several concerts when he was in town many years ago. That's Weifeng on the guitar - this man is now in Shanghai holding an influential position in an international advertising firm. Cool!

Another shot with Andy...thats Yu Xuan at the far right.   Yu Xuan is an important person in our history.....because if not for her "introduction" 9 years ago, Lorraine wouldnt have met Shaowen and there wouldnt be Wedding Harmony!

Shaowen with Kit Chan after a show at NUS

Kit Chan with the NUS Medic Band - Show time at the Forum!
(Peter Moey - bass/violin, Benjamin Tan - drums, Kit, Han Lin - guitar, Shaowen - keyboards)

Shaowen with Rick Price..... "only heaven knows..."

Nostalgia indeed...

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