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21st June 2008: Sinling & Weeming @ Suntec Ballrooms 1,2 & 3

For family,for friends,for love...

我爱你: An Original Wedding Song

Harmony in concert: 5 piece group
Ruth, Lorraine,Sinling,Weeming,Wayne,Luke,Micah

Lorraine & Weeming before the show                           Long dining tables, stunning ballroom
Sound check before the show                                      Cocktail area with 5 LCDs playing photomontage
Ruth & Lorraine                                                          Extraordinary setting
Super glamorous stage with LCD backdrop                   Original song photomontage MTV on screen
Lorraine with schoolmate from St Nicholas Girls' School:Enling.

Video man:Chris                     Beautiful aisle                         Wayne on guitars and vocals
  Lorraine on vocals

Just a little more: 

funniest moment...Enling, Sinling & Lorraine after the show!

From Sinling & Weemin: 

A Million Thanks to Wedding Harmony
Hey guys!!

Thanks so much for the great work & music you guys performed for us on our wedding day. 21 June 2008 will remain forever as the special & magical night.. With beautiful voices which everyone complimented thoughout the dinner. Friends were asking who the band was, and some were very interested in getting you guys for their weddings.. =)

The original you guys put together is simply.. (lost for words le).. I was tearing when it was being played.. I'm sure you all were looking at me..

Definitely very pleased at the entire gig.. And Lorraine.. Thanks for getting the dress just for the dinner.. You look stunning!! Shaowen.. Guess your wife told you what you missed out.. *wink*

Love you guys!! And keep in touch k.. *hugs*

With thanks,
Sinling (& Weemin)

ps: Can email me the pictures you posted? I also wanna post them on my webby.. =)
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