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FM 100.3 interview and Radio Performance

Original Wedding Songs goes on-air

Radio deejay Ken with Lorraine @ 100.3 studio

Thanks to Eq music & FM100.3, we had a chance to do a radio interview last evening with the really humourous radio deejay Ken ( listen to his programs weekdays night time, he is very lively and chatty=) )

I must say shaowen and myself are truly impressed with his multi-tasking skills. He would be playing a song, looking at the computer for smses, chatting with me about the programme and helping us set-up his newly purchased keyboards......all at the same time. Impressive! 

During the show I sang many of my 2nd album's original love songs with shaowen on the pianos.
We also chatted about the song writing process and the original stories of our couples who inspired the songs.

Ken also came up with the idea of having me compose an original song on the spot with a chinese sad love story he gave to me. It was pretty fun to do, after writing so many happy wedding songs, I get to compose a sad love song this time.

Ken has very kindly recorded the interview for us, will be uploading it on our website very soon! 

Stay tuned!

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